IMEUSbizbusiness cloud comprise a comprehensive suite of born-on-the-cloud information systems seamlessly integrated to provide companies with browser-based cross-platform realtime information management solutions with worldwide reach affordably; supplied on a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model.

IMEUSbiz for quality business decisions and getting more done with less. No more need to use software from many different vendors by using IMEUSbiz One System for Business giving your business instant realtime access to information for quality decisions providing for Administrative, Customer Relations, Employee Portal, Financial, Human Resource, Inventory, Logistics, Point-Of-Sale, Procurement, Vendor and Operations requirements.

The IMEUSbiz free POS+ Edition is intended to provide companies new to business cloud computing an opportunity to evaluate and appreciate the enormous potentials of a realtime mobile wireless web based solution towards lowering costs, increasing revenue and customer experience to enterprise.

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IMEUSbiz division of IMEUS SB
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Today, every major enterprise is adopting business cloud computing solutions. Early nervousness with regards to the use of a fully web-based enterprise solution is now replaced by a cloud driven tsunami that sees companies ranging from banks to mobile food stalls transacting and managing business online.

Interestingly, business clouds like IMEUSbiz level the playing field for new and smaller companies in enjoying similar business software tools available in the past to only larger companies.

Hudson LEE, President, IMEUS LLC, USA
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